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Ace CLAT While Studying in an NLU!

I know how it feels when you are sitting in an NLU where you don’t want to be, wondering how life would have been, had you gotten into a better one. You know that it isn’t the place where you want to spend the next five years of your life. You find yourself in a great dilemma. You don’t know whether you should appear for CLAT again or try to make the best out of your current situation. Well, I chose the former and ended up here in NLSIU Bangalore, the place where every law aspirant dreams to be.

When I first appeared for CLAT, I got a rank of 535 and was able to enter one of India’s premier National Law University. The feeling of getting into an NLU was awesome but I soon realised it was not the place where I wanted to be. I was really confused about what to do. After three months, I decided to give CLAT again. I was at a forked road where I had to choose whether to drop out of the NLU and focus on CLAT only or to keep the NLU as a backup plan and study side by side for CLAT. I wasn’t willing to take the risk of leaving an NLU. I felt it was prudent to prepare for CLAT alongside my college education. Most of the seniors there told me that chances of getting a good rank in CLAT are really low if one tries to write CLAT again while still studying in an NLU. It is really hard to manage time both for CLAT as well as for college exams. But I knew it was up to me to put in the effort and prove that even while studying in an NLU, you can still prepare for CLAT and get through. The single most important factor which helped me crack CLAT was nothing but time management. I had to divide my time really efficiently during that one year. I think in a college where semester pattern is followed, one can easily take out at least two hours, if not more daily, to study for CLAT. In the first semester, I daily studied for about two hours for CLAT. Mathematics and Logical Reasoning were my weak subjects but I worked on them and focused on strengthening my grasp on the other sections. I used a lot of online material for the same. I worked on English, GK and Legal Reasoning sections and ensured that I was well prepared in them. Since I had decided to manage both college and CLAT, daily for half an hour, I used to study for my semester exams. This went on for the whole semester and I even got a good rank in the first semester exams.

During the internship break, I enjoyed at home but didn’t stop studying for CLAT. By the end of the break, I was done with most of my prep. In the second semester, I just gave a lot of mocks, revised whatever I had read before and kept reading the current affairs. It is hard to not let your concentration waiver when you see everyone else chilling in the college while you are still busy preparing for CLAT, giving mocks and what not. But I knew if I had allowed myself to chill like the others, I would not have been able to achieve my dream. I was very determined to get into a better NLU. In the second semester, I worked really hard for CLAT and started studying for the semester exams one week before.

Finally, 10 May, 2015 arrived. I did not want to go back to the NLU in which I was studying. I was confident about my preparations but still the feeling which you get when you see the result, when you get the confirmation that your efforts have paid off, just can’t be described. I got into NLS Bangalore in my second attempt. So, if you are also in a similar situation and confused about what to do, I will say just go for it. If you have the second chance, don’t just let it go. Be determined, work towards your goal and trust me you will get what you want. Don’t let the fear of not getting a better NLU come in your way. I will suggest, don’t drop out of your current NLU. Instead of that, try and manage both, it can be done with a little more effort. I did the same and here I am in the top law college of the country. It’s all on you, how ambitious you are and where you want to see yourself. You just need to do two things – manage your time and work hard.

Natansh Jain

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9 thoughts on “Ace CLAT While Studying in an NLU!

  1. did you appear for second semesters in hnlu raipur? (problem which i am facing is in IP uni, second semester will start from may1 and ailet is on may8)


    1. A hostel environment would be quite different than if you study from home. However whether it would give you an advantage is a matter of perspective and more related to how you would use your time


  2. How much did you score in the maths and LR sections? And since you’ve mentioned they were your weaker sections, how much did you aim to achieve and how much time did you put in?



  3. Very good congrats on your success. I m also preparing for clat can you plz give me some link for online study materials and mock test .


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