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Dealing With Stress

There are various things you could stress about. Stress of failing a competitive examination, failing it twice in a row, stress about what dad will say, what mom will say, what the neighbourhood aunty will think, or even stress about matching up to ‘That Overly-Talented Guy’ in class, I know there’s one in every batch. If you are indeed stressing on about any or all of these things, you are doing nothing but wasting your time. Time that could have better been utilised in (not to sound too much like your mom) studying for the next mock, getting better than the next guy, or fun stuff, like that one match on FIFA, or that cricket match, or another chapter of that engrossing book (which I hope is not Chetan Bhagat) or anything really. The primary loss you have due to stress is the time you could’ve utilised in doing something else, which is why the first thing you do is counter stress.

First thing towards countering stress, is to realise that you’re not as worthless as you think you are. You got this far, obviously you mean something. You need to realise that you have a potential storm inside of you, and you will definitely do something worthwhile in life. I know all this sounds too heavy but really, it isn’t that hard and you’re not that bad. So what if Sharma Ji’s son topped the class? You cannot at any point forget that you have your own very specific skill set, which you have acquired throughout your life, and no matter what happens, you are important, you matter! Keep this in your mind if you ever get stressed out about stuff, and you will get it all sorted out.

Second, and more important of the two, have a relaxing habit, something which you can do when you are at your worst and come out all smiling and cheerful, personally, I used to play video games, I still do when I need to relax. Some people play a sport, like tennis or badminton, some read a book, some listen to songs. Look for such a habit and stick to it like glue. For there will be moments when you feel absolutely down in the dumps for no apparent reason and will not want to talk to anyone, and it is at these moments when these relaxing activities will help you save your precious time. It will be tough to understand which activities are these, but you will know, for when you are doing them, instead of losing energy, you will be gaining it.

Lastly, if you are stressing out over it, ask yourself, “So what?” Many a times small fears cause greater stress, eliminate these. And the best way to do so is to realise that these don’t matter in the long run at all. Understand what matters in the long run, and work towards it.

Anant Khanna

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2 thoughts on “Dealing With Stress

  1. Haha, reading this 2 days before CLAT is proving useful 😛 Thank you for this website and congratulations to you guys on being at the best law school in the country.


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