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A Boy With a Dream

It was the middle of May, around the time of the year when every relative and every person in the near neighborhood asks you and your parents the ‘Question of Life’- “what next?” It was at this point in time that I heard about a senior of mine who had gotten into one of the top National Law Universities. This soon became the next topic of discussion in school. I was in class 12th at that time and was really inspired by the appreciation that he had received. This was the first page of my journey to this prestigious institution, National Law School of India University.

I decided to further research about law as a career option and eventually came to the conclusion that if there is one profession in India that can offer salaries that compare to those offered to top B-school graduates, it is none other than Law. I still remember how I would keep daydreaming about this very fact. This was how I finally decided to answer the ‘Question of Life’ next year, when my neighbours would ask me,”what next?

Law had always fascinated me as a profession. To be frank I was always charmed by the aura that surrounded lawyers. Moreover, I was very impressed by how Ram Jethamalani would make the most controversial comments on live television in the most confident manner. And not to forget how charming a personality Atticus Finch has been and will continue to be.

Leaving aside the psychology and the dreams, it was really important to know what the next step would be. It was very clear– CLAT, the goal was even clearer – National Law School of India University, Bangalore. CLAT seemed like a cool examination – a medley of puzzling arithmetic, mind boggling logic, application-based legal aptitude and what not.

The first and the foremost step (And also the most important one) to cracking the exam is to understand that you have to set a strategy and stick to it diligently. Setting the strategy involves identifying your strong points as well as your weak points. CLAT is not about attempting the maximum number of questions but being smart and finding out what your area of expertise is and what questions you would be strong at. Naturally the next step involves building on your weak points and converting them into strong ones with constant hard work and effort as soon as possible. Also, reading the newspaper is indispensable. I suggest The Hindu. Not only will this improve your command over the English language but it will also help you stay in touch with the latest happenings in and around the world.

Though I believe in the end it is just the way you look at it but trust me it is not too difficult (though it isn’t too easy either). It’s just the hard work, determination, grit and an undying will to win that will ultimately lead to your goal and this stands not just for CLAT but also for anything you aspire to do in life.

 Akshat Saxena

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2 thoughts on “A Boy With a Dream

    1. yes Ujjwal. It is possible. But you would need to work really really hard! Next week, we would be posting an article on how to crack NLS in 3 months written by AIR 1 of CLAT 2015. That might help you. 🙂


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