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Life Apart From CLAT

Abhiroop Saha explains why it is important to have a Life Apart From CLAT!

Interactions with a couple of my batch mates and current CLAT aspirants have been the inspiration behind this article. The main problem juniors face during preparation is that of managing both CLAT and Boards. Several articles give tips on how to balance both. Sadly, what is lost in between is time for doing things one enjoys. People leave sports, music and other such leisurely activities all for the sake of CLAT. One of my batch mates, once a national level football player stopped playing because of the dual problem of CLAT and boards. The same happened to another batch mate of mine, a classical guitarist who has hardly played in the last two years.

Many of you might think that you will reclaim your hobbies once you end up in college and that you would be better off focusing on cracking CLAT at the moment. The former is a massive delusional bubble that will burst the moment you start getting to know what college is all about. I’ll be very honest and break it to you right now. College does not give a damn about your extra-curricular activities. It places you in a choke hold and leaves you with time only for projects, studies and the odd you-tube video.

Secondly, cracking CLAT and carrying forward extra-curricular activities need not be mutually exclusive. In my opinion, the best thing about CLAT is that it is easy, at least in comparison to IIT JEE or the numerous medical entrances. You don’t need to spend nine-ten hours a day to crack CLAT, unlike the JEE. Most of the exam is general and GK can be managed with some diligent old school by-hearting. The competition level is also much lesser than that of the entrance examinations in other professions. It can be easily cleared with 4 hours of dedicated work every-day apart from giving mocks and attending classes (lesser in certain cases). Even if you feel you require a greater amount of effort, it is all right. The point being made here is CLAT is not a good enough reason to forgo the things you love doing. You can easily put in one-two hours of football practice, or drums, or just adda in general and still do exceedingly well in CLAT, like I have done (real humble, I am).

You need to realize that your life is not defined by a good CLAT rank (or lack, thereof). A good rank and a good college feel amazing but it is really not worth it, if it comes at the cost of losing yourself by virtue of losing the things you love doing. College is going to be harder than anything you’ve faced before and it will try to mess around with your life greatly. The least you can do is not give up before you have even gotten here. After reading this, I hope you put on your football boots or re-install FIFA 16, or just get to doing whatever you want to, whatever makes you feel alive. Do not let CLAT or boards (or the two combined) get the better of you. Take these things in your stride. Take them seriously, but never so much that they dictate your life. The next time you make a time table or the next time you think of balancing time, remember to keep aside sufficient time for things you like. Enjoy the last few months you have before college because once it starts, carrying forward your hobbies might not be your independent choice any more. I reiterate this once again: CLAT is not a good enough reason to forgo the things you love doing.

If you find this article extremely pretentious, you are right on track.

P.S- While I might have painted a sorry-nerdy figure of the two guys in the first paragraph, they are actually pretty cool and you’ll find that out if you end up in NLS.

P.P.S- Get back to your damn Competition Success Review.

Abhiroop Saha

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  1. 😅😅One of my friend leaves his gf.only because of CLAT.he was thinking that he will make a new gf after getting select in he thinking right😆😆


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