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The Ultimate Mantra: Dare to Dream

During the last months of my 12th board exams, my interest was deviating from PCM and I started contemplating about CLAT as an option. I was quite depressed and skeptical because of two reasons; one, my rural background and two, problem with English language, which is one of the determining factors of your CLAT AIR.

But I somehow made up my mind and started preparing for CLAT from the nearest city which had a coaching centre. I took an year off after board results for the preparation and during this period, I tried my best to achieve the ultimate goal: A GOOD (the definition varies) CLAT AIR. I faced many difficulties during that one year but after regular studies I realized that it does not make much difference if you are not from a supposedly good school or a good area. If you can work hard and have a strong determination to achieve something then you can make it through just like others. You only need confidence and determination.

Here I am, sharing the way in which I used to prepare for the CLAT. First of all, don’t compare yourself to others. Compare your previous self and your present self. Always try to secure greater marks than your previous mocks. If you are getting more marks than previous ones then you are on a right track. Even if you secure lower marks than the previous ones, be relaxed and analyze what went wrong. Don’t forget to analyze the mocks because it will help you a lot.

Second, if your English is weak then don’t lose your confidence. I was also very weak in English and usually got lower marks in English sections in mocks, nearly in the range of four to ten. But if you try, you can improve in English as well. Start reading and preparing from McGraw Hill. Once you have completed, move on to R.S. Aggarwal. For enhancing your vocabulary, I suggest that you must go through ‘Word Power Made Easy’ by Norman Lewis. It will help you a lot, especially the vocabulary section at the back is very important. Most importantly, to increase your reading speed and skills, please read a newspaper, preferably ‘The Hindu’, on a daily basis.

For current affairs, news reading is a must (online or newspaper) and practice questions online as well as offline. You will find many questions on static G.K. as well as on current G.K. Try to make weekly revision a routine. In my view, the best way to memorize G.K. is to do it in a group in the form of conversation and quiz. You will not tend to forget facts when you discuss it with someone.

In case of Mathematics, don’t mug up the formulas. Try to learn the basics and if you practice the questions you will automatically remember the formulas. Practice Mathematics every day. Logical Reasoning and Mathematics depend largely on your practice. The more you practice the more you understand about them. Try to solve some (20-30) questions from both sections on a daily basis.

Ensure that after completing the questions of a particular subject, you analyze the incorrect as well as the correct questions. Never leave them without analyzing. If you analyze them, you will remember those questions in future and you can identify the mistakes made by you. When you give a mock, be patient and relaxed. The questions which you are sure about should be attempted first. And try scanning all the questions quickly because if you fail to do so, you may end up leaving easy questions at the end due to lack of time. Therefore scan every question once and skip them if you think you can’t solve them. To crack CLAT the accuracy and higher rate of attempt should be perfectly balanced and this is very much personalized.

Vishwanath Singh Rajput

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