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Time Management While Solving the CLAT Paper

The first thing that bothers CLAT aspirants when they begin their preparations is finishing the paper in time. Doing two hundred questions in just two hours seems a mammoth task, but it is not so difficult. The key here is to manage your time efficiently by planning the order of solving questions beforehand.

People generally ask me about my time management strategy, which sections to attempt first, which sections consume most time etc etc. I always tell them that there is no specific way to solve the paper. You must form your own strategy which suits you best and I cannot lay a greater emphasis on this fact.

I, for one, follow the ‘easy comes first’ approach. English and General Knowledge were my strengths, so I used to solve those sections first. If you prepare well, General Knowledge is the least time consuming and most scoring section according to me. After finishing English and G.K., I used to take up Legal Reasoning which again is very scoring if your concepts are clear and you have practiced enough. I usually finished these three sections within one hour so that I have another hour left for Maths and Logical Reasoning as solving these two takes time. I was weakest at logical reasoning, so that was solved in the end. This was the pattern that I usually followed while solving papers and this according to me was the most efficient way.

Having said that, I would also like to say that this is not the only way in which the paper should be solved. It is very important to find your own unique method which suits you best. You must have been instructed in your coaching centres about the way the paper should be attempted but try to formulate your own strategy and this would come from practicing questions and taking mock tests, a whole lot of them. Attempt those sections which take lesser time in the very beginning and plan the rest of the paper accordingly. Also, keep in mind that accuracy is very crucial aspect in cracking CLAT. It is best if you do the section you are most comfortable with initially, as it will save time and also ensure a higher score which boosts your confidence during the exam.

Although I have said that forming a paper solving strategy is important, this comes with a caveat. It may happen that when you start solving the actual paper according to your set strategy, it does not work the usual way. In such a situation the first thing to do is stay CALM!! Panicking is not good for your scores. This happened to me while giving the CLAT paper. I started with the English section as usual but after a while I realised that it is consuming unusually higher time so I immediately decided to skip and started solving other sections. In this way even after finishing the whole paper I had time to go back and solve the remaining questions in the English section. So, when faced with such a situation keep your mind under control and decide your further course as soon as possible. Also solving a variety of papers with varying difficulty level will help you in dealing with such situations better.

Lastly, I would just say that prepare well for each section. Managing time during the course of preparation and following a well planned timetable is also equally important as it helps in developing the strategy that gets you highest scores!!

Hope this helps. Good Luck 🙂

Neha Lodha



An initiative by NLSIU students to help CLAT aspirants.

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