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Last Two Months

Niharika Sharma (AIR 30 in CLAT 2015) explains how to prepare in these last two months.

May 8, the date that you all must be eagerly awaiting (or not, maybe). This is the day (not ignoring the fact that you might be giving other law entrance exams too, but to be frank, it’s CLAT dude) which holds the key to your future and to your dream college. The day is close now, just a little over two months. Two months might seem like a tiny amount of time right now, but it is not. A lot can be done in these two months. Hence, it is extremely important that you make the most of this crucial period of time.

Before I get to it, I understand that such proximity to the day of the exam also brings fear, anxiety and panic. If you feel the same, do not think that you are the only one. This is the time when a lot of aspirants start doubting themselves. They fill up their heads with negative thoughts and lose hope. However, this is not the time to panic and mess up. This is the time to work hard and succeed. This is the time to have faith in yourself and in your preparation. Even if you feel it isn’t as amazing as it should be, it’s okay. BREATHE. THINK. PLAN. You have two months. Yes, two months, which you can (and must) put to optimum use. These two months can make a lot of difference to the rank you get. And it all depends on how well you Β plan to, and actually use your time.

While preparing, pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and work on them one by one. Remember to always clarify your doubts. Ignoring them is a cardinal sin. Also, try to give as many mock tests as possible. These not only give you an idea of the pattern of the paper, but also help you in recognising the sections you are most comfortable with. Once you have identified them, attempt these sections first while giving the exam. A good start will allow you to tackle the difficult questions in a calm state of mind. Always keep in mind that time is a very crucial factor in CLAT. Do not waste too much time over questions that you have no clue about. You can always return to such questions in the end, provided you were able to finish the rest of the paper while staying within the time limit. Use your time well, both these two months and the two hours of the exam.

Even if you are not able to complete all that you had planned to do before D-Day, it’s fine. So what if you could not take a look at that one GK fact sheet or that single topic in Mathematics? For all you know, that topic might not even come in the exam. So don’t fret over what you have not done, keep in mind and focus on what you have done. Believe in yourself and DO NOT LOSE HOPE. DO NOT PANIC. Negative thoughts can only spoil the game. Enter the exam hall with a cool mind. It helps, trust me.

Most of this might be what you’ve already heard, but these are the small things that make a difference. I hope this helps you and I wish you all the best for the exams. See you at NLS πŸ™‚

Niharika Sharma

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22 thoughts on “Last Two Months

  1. Thanks alot πŸ™‚ but…
    I am actually in a dilema as there’s a very less time left for CLAT, and i am a dropper so its very important for me to make it to a decent law school such as NALSAR, NLSIU
    so i wanted to ask that is it possible to get into NLSIU in just 2 months?
    and if yes then what should be my strategy, how many hours i should study, what should be my state of mind?


  2. your article are very motivating
    i am prepairing for clat for last two years without any coaching
    my english is weak i practiced to tackle it but all in vain
    please suggest me some way to improve it in these two months


  3. he frnd make a group on gmail to solve legal, reasoning,g.k. my mail id ankitktiwari1@gmail .com plz give me some legal reasoning question on my mail


  4. hello mam! I just wanted to ask you that I am a pcm student and have been preparing for clat from the last 1 yr. n its like my English is very very weak and static gk too. I have been in touch with the current affairs and right now I am not studying fot clat as boards are on and my entire focus is on them.

    so.. would it be possible for me to crack clat and make up to atleast NLIU, BHOPAL. if I study with all my might and hardwork in the month of april ? please do be frank and let me know. have you seen one of my friends who is of science stream and preparing for clat because I know how tough it gets to manage both. please reply. I will work to the hardest in april but just wanted to have a reality check.
    and could you provide me with some approx. marks cut off that we need to get into NLIU? because i don’t know why but i want to get into NLIU Bhopal. pls help πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Tanya
      Yes it is possible to get a good NLU (like NLIU Bhopal) if you work really hard in the last month. As you have already prepared for the last one year, you definitely don’t have anything to worry about.
      The cutoff marks vary according to difficulty level of CLAT each year. One year it’s 130, the next its 105. So we can’t tell you any approx cutoff marks. However, what we can tell you is try to get a rank in the top 250-300.
      For subject related doubts, email us at


      1. thank you so much πŸ™‚ and yes.. for any subject related query..i’ll feel free to message you :).

        and one more stupid question :p – mam like 2014 had the easiest paper and 2015 the toughest..what pattern of paper do you guys predict this year? gk would have more of current affairs or static? .


        1. CLAT is the most unpredictable exam one can encounter. So we really can’t predict what CLAT 2016 would be like. You shouldn’t worry about that anyway. Just work hard, cover all the topics you can, and do your best! That’s all that matters. The difficulty level of CLAT is beyond anyone’s control.


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