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30 Days to CLAT: Make it or Break it

Siddarth Chokkalingam (AIR 15 in CLAT 2016) provides the perfect strategy for these last 30 days to CLAT 2015.

As you read this article, you will realise that you have a little less than a month to prepare for the D Day: May 8, 2016. Don’t fret. Don’t panic. Don’t hyperventilate. Some of you might have prepared well over the past year. Some of you may just be picking up your course books for the first time. Either way, the crucial part which can swing your prep and results either way, is the last month. There are numerous success stories of students who really revved up their prep during the last month before CLAT to find themselves in the top four law schools of the country – the universities which many refer to as the Mecca of Law. The first thing which you need to do is to forget how well you have prepared before this. You have nearly 30 days before you now. You have the chance to decide how well you are going to utilise them. If you’re smart you’ll make productive use of these 700 hours and become a success story. Or else you will be one among the thousands who tried and failed. The choice is yours.

Over the past few weeks, Lawkey for CLAT has received hundreds of messages from CLAT aspirants enquiring as to how they should prepare during the last month before CLAT. So here, I have attempted to list down 10 MUST DO’s in the last one month. I present to you the 10 point success story:

  1. Start every morning by reading the newspaper thoroughly. Go through every nook and corner you feel would be important (considering you would have attempted a few mocks by now you would have got an idea of the questions they ask). A considerable number of questions are asked from the weeks immediately preceding CLAT. Give the editorials a read as well. They will be indispensable while tackling the Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning sections.
  2. Find online sources for GK Do at least 200 questions a day. By the time of CLAT you will get the hang of GK and if you’re lucky a number of questions may be repeated.
  3. Start the One Day – One Mock Do a mock every morning and correct the mock yourself in the afternoon. Go through the answer key and analyse the mistakes you have committed.
  4. Learn 5 English words and 5 Foreign words a day. Learn the meaning of each word and try framing a sentence using the word. For the English words, try learning 2 synonyms and 2 antonyms for each one of them.
  5. For Maths, revise a new chapter every day. Understand the concepts of whatever chapter you are studying and do 20 questions of that chapter. Keep improving your speed till you are able to do 20 questions in just under 10 minutes.
  6. Make sure you complete all the past year questions in Legal Reasoning. Even if you have already practiced them there is no harm in doing them all over again. A good percentage of the Legal Reasoning questions you will find in your exam will be repeated questions.
  7. Do as many logical reasoning questions as you can get your hand on – Practice, practice, practice is the key.
  8. Prepare a section-wise order of questions you want to attempt. Let us say if you want to do GK, Logic, Legal, English and Math in that order, then stick to it and practice doing questions in that order during mock tests.
  9. Spare at least half an hour every day and go for a walk. Get some fresh air and fresh perspectives. It will definitely be helpful.
  10. On the day before the exam DO NOT learn anything new. The best thing to do is sit on your couch and relax. However, if you are extremely restless, revise the current affairs of the last few months.

That pretty much sums it up. In the last month, your focus should be on your strengths. Do not spend too much time fine-tuning your weaknesses because you have to cover a lot in a limited span of time. Sleep well on the night before the exam –usually the exam centres are far away and you don’t want the exhaustion getting to you. Take sharpened pencils, erasers,sharpeners and other related paraphernalia in case you need it for your rough work. Last but not the least, please don’t forget your ID cards. Always wishing you the best.

-Siddarth P. Chokkalingam

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9 thoughts on “30 Days to CLAT: Make it or Break it

  1. Please tell me how to crack clat in the first attempt of 2018 and manage my 12 the isc exams with good % as I’m in class 11th now . how to prepare for it (clat) I want to get admission in nlsui .


  2. i have 25 days left now…can I still work hard and crack clat and getinto a good law school? pls answer me…and thanks for the above article 🙂


  3. Well written but “AIR 15 in CLAT 2016”? Say what again? Is there some parallel universe where you’ve already given this year’s examination?


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