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GK FactSheet: April 1-15, 2016

Here’s our Current Affairs Factsheet for April 1-15, 2016. This factsheet has all the RELEVANT FACTS from April 1-15 that a CLAT aspirants should know. It was prepared by Abhishek Wadiyar (NLSIU Batch of 2020).

Click here to download the Factsheet for April 1-15, 2016.

For other Factsheets, Click Here.

We’ll be uploading factsheets for all the other months soon. Make sure you read them diligently, because:

1) They were prepared by NLS students who have been through the process and hence know what to expect from the CLAT paper.
2) We’ll soon be doing GK Quizzes and the factsheets will constitute a substantial part of the question bank.

They are also in a format which makes it easy to revise from time-to-time.

All the Best!! Have a good time reading the factsheet. 🙂

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An initiative by NLSIU students to help CLAT aspirants.

2 thoughts on “GK FactSheet: April 1-15, 2016

  1. These sheets are so very exam-ready and in a format, which is quite easy to directly study from…I have seen GK sheets from other sites as well, but in those one needs to separate the ANSWER from the statements, whereas your format just nails it! Kudos 🙂


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