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CLAT 2016 Rank Predictor

It’s been a week since the day you guys put yourself to the whetstone on the 8th May, 2016 and now is the time for the all-important results. Although you have put in the efforts that you could and the fate is sealed in the form of the scores you have achieved, the uncertainty looming large is bound to set your heart racing with anxiety and anticipation. It’s still a week to the results and to get you through this agonizing wait, we have come with an alternative to all the speculations that everyone around you would be making about your ranks.

Here is presenting to you the LawKey Rank Predictor, a tool to estimate your CLAT 2016 rank as per your achieved scores, and rest the butterflies in your stomach. It is based on the empirical data collected from over 1000 candidates and will estimate the rank based on the relative position of your score, taking into account the number of aspirants this year. Just fill the form below and you will be sent your predicted rank within 24 hours. 🙂

All the best!

PS – In case you missed it, we had upload the CLAT 2016 Analysis and Predicted Cutoffs as well. 



An initiative by NLSIU students to help CLAT aspirants.

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