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All India Open Mock Test 2017

With less than 3 months left for CLAT’17, LawKey for CLAT brings to you the All India Open Mock 2017. A test specifically designed to test your abilities and predict your performance on the D’Day. A test to put an end to all your questions about your All India Standings, the mock test shall be an exact replica of the CLAT platform. We further expect more than 60% of the questions from this mock test to be repeated in CLAT too.

What: All India Open Mock Test 2017

When: February 20,2017

The results shall be declared on February 21,2017.

Register at:



An initiative by NLSIU students to help CLAT aspirants.

35 thoughts on “All India Open Mock Test 2017

  1. Your analysis pattern is better than CL’s!
    Lmao I actually took 4 minutes on one question and ended up not answering it. ;_;
    Also, what exactly is “idle time”?


  2. With reference to the recently conducted mock, I would like to point out that a couple of answers have the answer marked wrong. Question 191, for example; I’ve marked the answer as 56, which is the correct answer(the explanation corroborates my choice). However, according to the answer key, the answer is 84. The topper has managed to get it right. Is this a glitch in the matrix, or have I overlooked something?


      1. My contention is reflected in the answer key (pdf) you’ve published; the answer key says C, while the explanation establishes the veracity of answer B. No worries, I think this is an isolated example; thank you for hosting an excellent mock. Cheers!


    1. Yes there still is hope Ruhra. All you need, is streamlined preparation. You should read things relevant to CLAT and nothing else. Try talking to someone experienced as to what’s relevant to CLAT and what is not. Just put in as much effort as you can in these last 3 months.


  3. Sir i have registered now only I am late because i got to know about this open mock late..can i attempt the test.i have registered for it..if possible please


  4. I think the difficulty level of the mock was moderate. What would be good sectional scores ? and how to not kys if it didn’t go well. When will the results be announced tomorrow ?


  5. Hello team LawKey I have a doubt regarding the open mock test…Pls clarify my doubt… Can I take the copy of the question paper and answers explanations after the test to refer to it again? And pls pls send me other details also …Pls Waiting for your reply…


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