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Bust CLAT: The Dropper’s to do list.

So, here you are with less than 90 days left for CLAT. As droppers, you might have experienced what it feels like to go through the rank list and not find your name where you wanted it to be. But you have taken a brave decision to try once again, to give it another shot and prove to yourself that you are capable of getting through to one of the top law schools in the country.

First of all, during this crucial period get rid of those friends who are chilling in their college, no kidding. It will have a detrimental effect because you’ll have to labour through the next few months while they tell you all kinds of stories about their amazing life.

Now how should you tackle preparations? Till now, you should be done with the basic syllabus there is, considering the fact that you haven’t done anything apart from that after boards last year. Now is the time to fine tune and sharpen your skills, which can only be done through mocks and revision. I suggest you to take a mock every alternate day and analyse it. This will help you to find out answers to questions you didn’t know (do a little background check on GK questions you had no idea about), note the sections where you were slow and use this to develop a strategy on how to attempt the paper. Start with different sections, try a little variation and then devise a minute-wise sectional breakdown of how you’re going to attempt the paper.

So, 2 hours of mock and an hour of analysis. You can’t be just studying 3 hours a day, right? Take a break after the mock and then revise the basics of English and Legal Aptitude, go through GKToday (if you find the newspaper too intimidating) and solve 10-20 questions of Maths and LR combined. This routine is basically what you need to religiously follow throughout the next few months. You need to look at the “dropper” tag as an advantage. You don’t have board exams, you haven’t got anything else to do. Look at you, reading articles like these in your free time.

Now I’ll give some specific advice about attempting the paper which you can try while taking mocks.1.) Comprehensions- If there is paucity of time, read the questions first, try to single out the fact based ones and skim through the passage to find answers.

2.) GK- No, you cannot possibly know the answer to every question. The best you can do about static GK is to broadly cover the sub-topics like Indian History, International Organizations, etc. For current affairs, stay updated with GKToday and you’ll do just fine. Don’t fret over this section and complete it quickly.

3.) Logical Reasoning- Just a suggestion but try doing the set questions first as 5-6 questions can easily be answered in a go if you crack the set.

4.) Legal Aptitude- Going through 35-40 odd questions of LA can prove to be tiresome, so you can intersperse them with the GK section i.e. Do 15 from LA, go to GK, complete that and then come back. Apart from this, remember that you need not consider anything but the principle given while answering the question. Also, a common mistake is overthinking the facts, never do that.

While keeping all this in mind, don’t forget the golden rule for any time constrained competitive examination is to be followed “DO NOT get stuck on any one question”

If you think that you are done with the preparation and feel that you need to step up your game, then start with the past year papers. If you feel CLAT and AILET(’08-’16) papers are child’s play for you, go for NLSIU papers (’88-’07) and NALSAR papers (’98-’07) since a lot of questions in the CLAT ’16 paper were simply copied from these papers. Also, no need to attempt them like the mocks, save time by checking the answer key while going through the questions. 😛

But as we know, a whole lot of things depend on luck. So you need to prepare yourself in such a way that the part played by luck in deciding your future is near to zero. You have taken a risk and you need to see this task through as those children coming fresh after giving their board exams will already be in a competitive spirit and will have a better studying habit. So you will need to give it your all to beat them.

Doing mocks, analysis, revision, past year papers apart from constantly updating your knowledge with current affairs while keeping an eye out for static is what you need to do in these last few months to bust CLAT. I can’t stress enough upon the fact that you still have ample amount of time left to take your rank from 1000 something to Top 10. And believe me, hard work turning into success is a whole different feeling.

The game isn’t over till the referee blows his whistle, you are in injury time, can’t really slack off now.

Yatharth Vardhan Singh

AIR 41, CLAT’16

This article is the third in the “Bust CLAT” series. Keep following for tips and tricks, specially designed by students who aced CLAT’15 & 16 to get into NLSIU, Bangalore. Register for the All India Open Mock 2017 and test your CLAT Aptitude at a national level. You can register here



An initiative by NLSIU students to help CLAT aspirants.

6 thoughts on “Bust CLAT: The Dropper’s to do list.

  1. thank you soo much really inspiring and motivating 🙂 thanks alot 🙂
    can you please post nlsiu papers please if you can or send link of those past year papers . 🙂


  2. can you people provide us with the past year papers of atleast nlsiu ( as u r studying there :p )? and if possible of nalsar as well. let me know.


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