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Bust CLAT: Seating Arrangement Decoded.

First and foremost question before we get into details……. Are seating arrangement questions important for CLAT?

To this, the answer is a big ‘YES’.

In CLAT, reasoning is an extremely important section as it makes up twenty percent of the marks. But, it’s real importance lies in the fact that it’s extremely scoring. Amongst the myriad reasoning questions, seating arrangement questions are high scoring and less time consuming ones. Less time consuming as you will find three to five questions based on the same set of problem.

You are likely to come across possibly four (only four!) types of seating arrangement questions:

  • Single Row Arrangement
  • Double Row Arrangement.
  • Rectangular Arrangement.
  • Circular Arrangement.

No matter what type of problem it is, keep note of the following points to solve the questions :

  1. Read the entire puzzle and understand the statements correctly.
  2. Now, keep an eye for statements that give definite information.

For example, let us take two statements

Statement A: A is to the left of B.

Statement B: A is second to the left of B.

Obviously, statement B is definite and statement A is vague. Statement B gives the definite position of A with respect to B while A fails to do so. Keep note of these vital data as they are the link to the solution.

  1. Scribble down all the information provided in shorthand (any that suits you) so that you need not revert back to the question again.
  2. Hypothetical, but can help

Make yourself part of the question, that is, think yourself to be one of the person in the problem. This will help in keeping track of the direction and arrangement of people.

Remember, these are sure shot five marks if you get hold of the problem. For that practice as many questions as you can. Work on your accuracy and then your speed.


Anirudh Modi

AIR 38, CLAT 2016

This article is part of the ‘Bust CLAT’ series written by students who aced CLAT’16 to get into NLSIU. Keep following LawKey for more updates and articles on making your CLAT prep better. For a specialized CLAT prep that increases your chances of getting into NLSIU through CLAT’17 click here.




An initiative by NLSIU students to help CLAT aspirants.

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