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CLAT’17: The Expert Analysis

While CLAT’17 came as a smooth ride for most of the aspirants, aspirants indeed faced some major bumps during  the ride. We think that this year’s CLAT was slightly difficult than last year’s CLAT however it was easier than CLAT 2015 (that nightmare!). Most of the aspirants found this paper rather lengthy especially the Maths section unlike last year’s CLAT. CNLU decided to surprise all of us with the most unpredictable GK Section. While the English and Logical Reasoning sections were easy to solve, the Legal Reasoning section came out to be the easiest of all. We have prepared three categories of sectional scores which will give a better analysis of your standing in the ever-growing merit list.

English: CLAT gave a fairly regular and easy English section. However, the Reading-Comprehension that was related to WTO was slightly lengthy. The questions were not direct but aspirants actually had to analyse the comprehension well in order to answer. There were a lot spelling correction questions but, no parajumbles, synonyms and antonyms. Besides, which there were error identification and fill ups. The section did not have any new kind of questions. A good number of attempts would be 37-38. A great score in the section would be around 35. A good score would be around 32 and a fair score would be around 28.

General Knowledge: The General Knowledge section came as surprise to most of the aspirants. Deviating slightly from the usual pattern, no static GK questions were asked. Further, most of the current affairs questions were indirect and consequently, slightly difficult. An average newspaper reader would be more likely to score high in this section as there were a few direct questions as well. Overall, we would rate the General Knowledge section as moderate-difficult. We think that a score more than 35 would be a great score in this paper. A score between 31 and 35 qualifies as a good score according to us. An aspirant scoring somewhere between 26 and 31 shall have fared well in this section.

Logical Reasoning: The logical section this year was fairly easy and quite similar to the last year’s paper. Critical reasoning was given a back seat with the primary focus being on the analytical portion. Questions such as blood relations and the likes found place in the paper. There are doubts about certain questions of this section being incorrect, but that seems to have become a habit with the paper-setters. We will have to wait and watch whether these alleged incorrect question will be rectified or not. We think that a score of 32 shall be great in this paper. A good score would be somewhere around 28-29 and 24-25 shall be considered as a fair score in this paper.

Mathematics: The Mathematics section this time around proved to be a tricky one. The section featured questions from Profit and Loss, Simple Interest, Probability, Averages, Ratio, Percentage, etc. Although the questions were assessed to be doable by the candidates, they involved lengthy calculations, thereby rendering time management absolutely essential to secure a good score in this section, particularly as this section is generally preferred to be attempted towards the end by the majority. In addition to having a good understanding of the concepts, those who are well versed with short calculation methods are likely to enjoy an advantage over others. Overall, the level of difficulty was moderate and as per our assessment, attempting more than 15 questions can be considered a decent attempt, with a score of 14+ as great, a score of 11-14 as good and a score between 9 and 11 as fair.

Legal Reasoning and Aptitude: The Legal section can be classified as the easiest of all. This year’s Legal section contained some 15 legal maxims(a great relief for all the slow readers out there!). There were no legal GK questions asked in the section this year which has become a trend with CLAT in the recent years. The legal reasoning questions however, were pretty easy to solve and were repeated from most of the past year papers. We think that a great score in the legal section would be around 45. A good score in this section would be around 36-45 and a score between 32-36 would be a fair score in this paper.

Overall, we believe believe that a score of 150 and more shall fetch you a top 3 NLU. We shall soon post a detailed cut-off table. If you have attempted anything around 170 questions in this paper, you would qualify for an honourable mention. Wish you all the best for the results. Do keep an eye for the upcoming cut-off table.



An initiative by NLSIU students to help CLAT aspirants.

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