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So I was asked by these wacky friends of mine to write something to inspire young kids to take up CLAT sans all the scary nightmares. So here it goes my pals. Somewhere in this write up I have hidden the magic recipe to crack CLAT. Firstly let’s start with how to tackle the highly unpredictable, hell of an exam called CLAT. The answer is a quote from somewhere in the internet. “Do not just practice until you get it right, practice until you cannot get it wrong.” Yes, be prepared! Remember that the exam is an experience of bureaucratic slack, and do not stick only to mocks of one coaching centre. Read books from varied sources. Be ready for anything they are scheming to throw at you.

CLAT is an easy exam and to crack it all you need is a plan. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Complete the basics and start to practice. Beginning with GK I would kill the person who sits with some random UPSC book. Come on folks, it’s CLAT! All you need to do is get a decent static GK book, finish it and you are done. For current affairs get a few good current affairs magazines, read (good) newspapers and subscribe to a good weekly magazine! Same goes for maths. Its CLAT, not CAT. I would hence suggest you to first get the exam right. Finish the basic topics in maths and practice until you lose the phobia of it and here you have 20 marks in your pocket. For English you need not be a son of a British. All you need to do is first get your grammar right-not for CLAT but for life. Same goes for vocabulary. Intimidate your friends by using sassy words in your life. Logic, whoa! If you claim to be bad at it you are insulting yourself. Okay, the only way to improve your reasoning is practice (huh! cliché again?). I know people who practice the same stuff all the time. Logical Reasoning in CLAT is not comprised of only syllogism and coding decoding. Practice a range of different problems. Remember that logic in CLAT has verbal and nonverbal components and practice for both. Practice some past LSAT papers and your verbal reasoning is done. And finally LEGAL! You have five years of law ahead, do not over dose. Go slow, memorize some rules (principles) and  practice, practice and practice.

PS: Do not panic. We all have been through it. In the end, it is this that makes NLS worth being in.

All the Best.

Avinash V Rao

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Life Apart From CLAT

Abhiroop Saha explains why it is important to have a Life Apart From CLAT!

Interactions with a couple of my batch mates and current CLAT aspirants have been the inspiration behind this article. The main problem juniors face during preparation is that of managing both CLAT and Boards. Several articles give tips on how to balance both. Sadly, what is lost in between is time for doing things one enjoys. People leave sports, music and other such leisurely activities all for the sake of CLAT. One of my batch mates, once a national level football player stopped playing because of the dual problem of CLAT and boards. The same happened to another batch mate of mine, a classical guitarist who has hardly played in the last two years.

Many of you might think that you will reclaim your hobbies once you end up in college and that you would be better off focusing on cracking CLAT at the moment. The former is a massive delusional bubble that will burst the moment you start getting to know what college is all about. I’ll be very honest and break it to you right now. College does not give a damn about your extra-curricular activities. It places you in a choke hold and leaves you with time only for projects, studies and the odd you-tube video.

Secondly, cracking CLAT and carrying forward extra-curricular activities need not be mutually exclusive. In my opinion, the best thing about CLAT is that it is easy, at least in comparison to IIT JEE or the numerous medical entrances. You don’t need to spend nine-ten hours a day to crack CLAT, unlike the JEE. Most of the exam is general and GK can be managed with some diligent old school by-hearting. The competition level is also much lesser than that of the entrance examinations in other professions. It can be easily cleared with 4 hours of dedicated work every-day apart from giving mocks and attending classes (lesser in certain cases). Even if you feel you require a greater amount of effort, it is all right. The point being made here is CLAT is not a good enough reason to forgo the things you love doing. You can easily put in one-two hours of football practice, or drums, or just adda in general and still do exceedingly well in CLAT, like I have done (real humble, I am).

You need to realize that your life is not defined by a good CLAT rank (or lack, thereof). A good rank and a good college feel amazing but it is really not worth it, if it comes at the cost of losing yourself by virtue of losing the things you love doing. College is going to be harder than anything you’ve faced before and it will try to mess around with your life greatly. The least you can do is not give up before you have even gotten here. After reading this, I hope you put on your football boots or re-install FIFA 16, or just get to doing whatever you want to, whatever makes you feel alive. Do not let CLAT or boards (or the two combined) get the better of you. Take these things in your stride. Take them seriously, but never so much that they dictate your life. The next time you make a time table or the next time you think of balancing time, remember to keep aside sufficient time for things you like. Enjoy the last few months you have before college because once it starts, carrying forward your hobbies might not be your independent choice any more. I reiterate this once again: CLAT is not a good enough reason to forgo the things you love doing.

If you find this article extremely pretentious, you are right on track.

P.S- While I might have painted a sorry-nerdy figure of the two guys in the first paragraph, they are actually pretty cool and you’ll find that out if you end up in NLS.

P.P.S- Get back to your damn Competition Success Review.

Abhiroop Saha

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Dealing With Stress

There are various things you could stress about. Stress of failing a competitive examination, failing it twice in a row, stress about what dad will say, what mom will say, what the neighbourhood aunty will think, or even stress about matching up to ‘That Overly-Talented Guy’ in class, I know there’s one in every batch. If you are indeed stressing on about any or all of these things, you are doing nothing but wasting your time. Time that could have better been utilised in (not to sound too much like your mom) studying for the next mock, getting better than the next guy, or fun stuff, like that one match on FIFA, or that cricket match, or another chapter of that engrossing book (which I hope is not Chetan Bhagat) or anything really. The primary loss you have due to stress is the time you could’ve utilised in doing something else, which is why the first thing you do is counter stress. Continue reading “Dealing With Stress”

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CLAT: Your Wonderwall

I’m sure most of you must have heard Wonderwall by Oasis. Yes, it’s a popular song, but what does it have to do with CLAT? ‘Wonderwall’ means “the person you constantly find yourself thinking about”. And I’m going to tell you why CLAT should be your wonderwall.

Today is gonna be the day
That they’re gonna throw it back to you

There’s less than three months for the D-Day. Haven’t started preparing yet? Today is the day to start. Continue reading “CLAT: Your Wonderwall”

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Bust CLAT: Balance Boards and CLAT!

Boards or CLAT? Both important, both time consuming – what and how much of it to study? Yes, it is that daunting time of CLAT preparation when your prep routine is falling apart, your focus is divided and you don’t know from where, when, why and WHAT to study – for Boards or for CLAT? It’s okay, relax, many of us have been there, done that, and successfully pulled off both Boards and CLAT. It needs a bit more hard work and dedication, but is definitely doable. And trust us, if we can do it, you can too! Continue reading “Bust CLAT: Balance Boards and CLAT!”

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Bust CLAT: Try not to mess it up.

Ah yes, it’s that time of the year! It’s unbelievably satisfying to watch students struggle through the next few months with the burden of CLAT coupled with the additional burden of the Boards. Anyway, since sadistic pleasure is not the point of this article, let me move on to its main purpose.

It is around end-Feb as I’m writing this and if your CLAT preparation is in full swing, then that’s great. If not, you might want to start soon and with a bit of intensive preparation, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t crack it. As you’d know (and if you don’t, you probably should), the CLAT paper is divided into five sections consisting of English, General Knowledge, Math, Legal Reasoning and Logical Reasoning. Continue reading “Bust CLAT: Try not to mess it up.”

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Bust CLAT: The ideal strategy!

Of the many ‘CLAT preparation period’ images that float in the retina of my mind’s eye there are some that make a blink and miss ephemeral appearance while there are others that linger on….and on…! In the latter category two take the place of honor. The first is the bated breath wait for the online mocks scores. This is not to be scoffed since I gave close to 70 mocks and many a times was in danger of asphyxiating!! The second image is of mum’s face. From being a normal motherly face with love, exasperation, pride, irritation all juxtaposed, it had turned into one that yo-yoed between (i) I think you are not pulling your weight enough but I am still going to be a ‘cool’ mom and not say anything even if it kills me Continue reading “Bust CLAT: The ideal strategy!”

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Bust CLAT: Finishing strong in the last lap.

This article has been written specially keeping in mind those aspirants who are giving CLAT along with board examinations and have been preparing for almost a year.For aspirants who have dropped a year, a batchmate of mine has already written a piece which can be accessed here. For general advice (can be accessed here) and keeping yourself motivated (can be accessed here), follow the given links.

So let’s begin with the mental state. You might be anxious at one moment and brimming with confidence at the other, along with episodes of frustration about a mock which didn’t go well or feel overwhelmed for trying to juggle between the boards and CLAT. Here’s the deal as someone once told me, “CLAT is a test of nerves”. Keeping your composure in these last 90 days is as important as a penalty which is given in the 90th minute of a cup final. If you score, you will surely lift the trophy. Continue reading “Bust CLAT: Finishing strong in the last lap.”

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Bust CLAT: The Dropper’s to do list.

So, here you are with less than 90 days left for CLAT. As droppers, you might have experienced what it feels like to go through the rank list and not find your name where you wanted it to be. But you have taken a brave decision to try once again, to give it another shot and prove to yourself that you are capable of getting through to one of the top law schools in the country.

First of all, during this crucial period get rid of those friends who are chilling in their college, no kidding. It will have a detrimental effect because you’ll have to labour through the next few months while they tell you all kinds of stories about their amazing life. Continue reading “Bust CLAT: The Dropper’s to do list.”

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Bust CLAT: The last three months.

Valentine’s Day is over. Hug day, kiss day, chocolate day and all the other useless days are also over. What begins today is a 90-day period which will culminate in you writing the most important exam of your life.

The key right now is to stop focusing on anything other than your studies. It really doesn’t matter how much money Trump will spend on building the wall or how a certain Turkish chef sprinkles his steak with salt. It’s time to get over the travesty that was the latest Sherlock episode (Or that Adele broke her Grammy). We are all very happy that #OscarsSoWhite is not trending this year. Your favourite Pakistani Aunty might say that gormint bik gayi hai. But, please let it go. All that matters right now is how you utilise these 90 days – starting from today.

Continue reading “Bust CLAT: The last three months.”